2016 | Year in Music

I have a soundtrack for everything. My Spotify has a selection of playlists curated by me for each and every occasion, memory, holiday, year, genre, artist – you name it!

Throughout the year I add current favourite songs into one playlist which becomes a sort of time capsule. I see many blog posts using Instagram to sum up the blogger’s year -which certainly is a good indication of what each of us got up to in 2016 – however, for me it’s all about the tunes:

Okay, not every single song brings back a poignant memory, but scrolling through I am reminded of the highs and lows of 2016: the deaths of David Bowie and George Michael, a very difficult time at work facing redundancy, the relief of keeping my job, our honeymoon (particularly blasting out Austra when driving over the Golden Gate bridge and hearing JT on the radio whilst cruising around Hawaii), falling in love with Gilmore Girls (Carole King and Sam Philips of course), and finding out we are expecting our first child.


These are memories that will be infinitely linked with these songs. In years to come, I will always associate certain songs with a particular bar in Vancouver – as if I was sipping an ice cold beer right there and then (currently dreaming of having another once our new addition is here).

It’s said a picture says a thousand words, and that may be true, but for me a song says even more.

Happy new year all!


PS I will be back very soon with my favourites (beauty and lifestyle) of 2016!


January 2016: My Month in Music

I love music. So many memories are intertwined with certain songs that they themselves become the memories. I am constantly creating and updating Spotify playlists for different moods, occasions, music genres and pretty much everything!

January was a sad month for the world of music with the passing of David Bowie. He was a true icon who innovated music both past and present. You will find a few of my favourites from him in this playlist.

I particularly enjoyed the introduction of the Beatles back-catalogue on Spotify in late December. It was an early Xmas present and I have been reacquainting myself with their work.

My favourite song of of the year so far is definitely “Charlemagne” by Blossoms. It is so catchy and sure to be a big hit.

Please note that these are the songs I have been personally loving so far this year but I don’t think any of them are actually new releases! I have such eclectic taste in music which spans decades and genres, and this is just what has been repeat for the past month!

Enjoy the playlist and subscribe to hear future editions! What songs have you been loving so far this year?