Falling out of Love with Beauty Boxes… From addiction to recovery

They were once a wonderful thing, filled with discoveries and unknown territories. But I now look around the remnants of what was, and I feel almost regretful…

No, this is not a love affair (although it could be mistaken as one). I’m talking about my relationship with beauty subscription boxes.

A year ago I was a paying subscriber to all mainstream beauty boxes and now I’ve reduced that total to only one. And that lone survivor only remains as I signed up for a year’s commitment to reduce costs!

The excitement of the postman knocking and handing me a box! The moment I opened it to see that eye palette or new launch from Revlon I was lusting over on the Boots website! It was almost an addiction.


Why the change of heart? Read on.

Too many samples have built up. They were coming to me at an unsustainable rate. There was no way I could use all this… stuff. My bathroom still resembles a shelf at the Body Shop and no one seems to be shopping there. I am trying my hardest to use them all up, but it’s going to take a LONG while.

Money! I actually paid for this stuff. Yes, it’s great to receive a miniature of a luxury product, but what about the things I have no use for? I paid for the privilege of receiving them only to keep them buried in a drawer or pass them onto friends. This is not only costly but also wasteful.

Now I can spend money on what want. When I first began my love affair with beauty boxes, I didn’t know which products suited me. It was all in prep for my wedding and I needed experience, STAT. 18 months ago I didn’t know a BB cream from a tinted moisturiser. I loved sampling products and believe these boxes were an integral part of my journey.

I now have it all figured out: mattifying foundations dry me out. I don’t have a need to play with my already defined brows.  Yet, I’d love to treat myself to a fancy tinted moisturiser or volumising mascara.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’ll do with the money I’ve saved…



5 thoughts on “Falling out of Love with Beauty Boxes… From addiction to recovery

  1. This was just the post I needed to read on this as I see these beauty box subscriptions everywhere but when I looked further into them I just could never afford them, and I read a lot of mixed reviews, so hearing that you’ve whittled them right down is some good advice! It’s a shame you can’t cancel the subscription to the other one early, but hearing that it’s better to just save up and buy items I like, rather than subscribing is good advice so now I’ll avoid them and look at products I do want instead. Great post! – Tasha

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  2. Plus, SO MUCH SKINCARE. I’m 34, if I was changing moisturisers at the rate of one a month I shudder to think about what my face would look like. I recently re-subbed to My Little Box, as it’s as much about lifestyle treats as beauty, but who knows how long that will last…

    They always seem to come out with an amazing box the minute you cancel though :/

    Lis / last year’s girl x


  3. I’ve started buying a subscription box on a month by month basis. I wait for the contents synopsis and all the reviews to come out – if I like it I buy the box and then cancel the subscription when it arrives! Too many disappointments from some of the boxes.


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