Primark “High Shine” Lip Gloss 

I’m a bit of a Primark addict; just ask my bank balance and it would tell you the same. I think I can expect an intervention in the near future…

On my last escapade into the wilderness that is Primark at 11am on a Sunday morning, I picked up this impulse purchase. It was £2 (although the label was in € it was definitely GBP) and I thought, “how bad can it be?”… And the answer is, not bad at all.

Look, this isn’t the Kylie lip kit. Neither does it have the pigmentation of MAC. But for two hundred pennies, what can you expect? It is certainly up there with drugstore buys for about half the price of the Rimmel equivalent.

What shade is it? I couldn’t tell you. It doesn’t have a cutesy colour name, this isn’t Urban Decay.

Comfortable on the lips whilst adding a hint of muted pink, this is a fine lipgloss for the everyday. In fact, it would be perfect for visiting Primark at 11am on a Sunday morning.

I’ll see you there…



2 thoughts on “Primark “High Shine” Lip Gloss 

  1. That’s a shame, Primark is such bargain heaven! I think they are expanding outside the UK and even Europe as I’m sure I saw something on snapchat about a US store, so hopefully Canada will be soon to follow! 🙂


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