Let me be very honest here – blogging the way I have historically just does not work for me. I work full time, I have other hobbies and interests, and sometimes all I want to do during my free time is curl up on the sofa with a sharing bag of crisps and binge-watch Netflix.

What I mean is, life takes over and it’s hard to find the time to sit down with my laptop and blog.

I tried the whole scheduling thing: I had a well-intentioned calendar of blog posts to write and bumper photography sessions of self-made stock photos. It was the pitch perfect blog planning situation but with one massive problem: I lacked the time and motivation to see it through.

But I love blogging! I love having my own little space on the net to voice my opinion on products and to feel as if I am a part of the blogging movement. I don’t expect or particularly want to be the next big blogger on the scene. I doubt I will make a penny from this site. But that’s beside the point: I want to blog and I enjoy it.

So here is how it is going to go: I will blog when I can. I will mainly focus on simple, single product reviews as this is the easiest thing to jot down quickly when the opportunity arises. Yes, it might be a little niche at times but if you’re looking for a straightforward, no BS review on that new drugstore nail polish then maybe VIVIFY.com is the place to be.

When and how often? I’m afraid I don’t know. Of course, there will be the odd travel, food, lifestyle and fashion post chucked in for good measure! I’m just going back to my old Tumblr routes (where VIVIFY originated) and focusing on my strengths: honest, to-the-point, single product reviews.

Be sure to follow on bloglovin to ensure you never miss a post. It will be unpredictable and spontaneous (all the things the blogging advice guides say not to do!) but it will be honest and to the point. I’m excited to finally breathe some life back into this blog and I hope it can live up to its namesake – to make life interesting.


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