Back to Basics: A Very Honest Blog Post


Hello! Apologies for the lack of posts recently (I feel like I’m always saying that but fellow bloggers who also work full time will understand). The dark nights and indulgence of February kind of hindered me. Life took over and blogging got put on the backburner. I hope you can forgive me.

So in order to get myself back in the blogging frame of mind, let’s have a small life update shall we?

Ok, well work is the same old and I’m living for the weekends. My husband and I spend the few hours we get together each night cooking and cleaning. But I’m not down. My life is not a perfect Insta of coffee meetings and avocado on toast, and I’m too tired to go to the gym for 6am. I think 99% of us get that.

I’m here for the ordinary amongst us – the 20-somethings who live the 9-5, who want to be healthy but love pizza too much, those who simply don’t have the time or funds to use 30 beauty products a day. And the ones we do use are all from Boots.

But that is not always what people want to read about – how I spent the day cleaning or organising groceries, and how I just spent waaaaaay too much in Primark. How can the rest of us compete with vlogs to the Maldives and Chanel parties?

I know the Gleamers we spend so much time watching on YouTube also scrub the loo when they put down their cameras. What I’m saying is, are people interested in reading about my very average working day routine? Do they actually care about my favourites of the previous month, alongside thousands of other similar posts? Maybe I’m just too average, too boring, too vanilla for the blogging world. Perhaps I should be an onlooker?

I love being a part of the blogging movement. It is a wonderful female-lead community of strong women. But it’s time to ditch the rose-gold tinted glasses and stand up for the everyday woman…

I did not expect this post to take this turn. Perhaps that’s my niche – honest blogging, for the non-princesses and ordinary working women. But that is not a bad thing. Perhaps I will post about the best cleaning products alongside glossy pictures of lipstick and handbags. About working overtime and still being overdrawn. About ordinary issues such as not be able to lose that final bit of weight we have tried to diligently to ditch.

Is that what you want to read?

Never believe that ordinary does not make you extraordinary.