I have a cute little Fiorelli bag from TK Maxx (I think it was about £35) as my everyday work carry around. I love that it has three compartments! I use the front as my essentials which I may need to grab quickly; the middle section as a built-in cosmetics bag of sorts; and the back section to store my fold-out mirror, electronics and tablet. V handy!


So let’s start with my essentials! I have an umbrella, roll-on deodorant (I particularly like the packaging on the Sanex ones as it doesn’t make your bag all sticky), my purse containing loyalty cards and change (I keep my bank cards and ID in a separate wallet in my pocket, along with my keys and phone), my glasses, a body spray, some hand sanitiser, and a bag for life! Protect the environment folks.


Next up I have a fold-up mirror from the Body Shop, a smaller mirror from Happy Jackson, and a pouch which contains my headphones, portable charger and sanitary products for life’s little emergencies! I also stash my tablet (Nexus 9 – not pictured) here on working days where I have nothing planned for lunch. Perfect for a bit of lunchtime reading or a cheeky YouTube catch up!


Perhaps the most interesting section is my make-up! I won’t go through every item but it includes everything a woman could need on the go. Lots of products are minis I received in subscription boxes which are perfect to carry around in your handbag.


So that’s everything in my workday bag. I do have a smaller number from Primark as my going out pouch (by that I mean the pub – I’m too old for clubbing) in which I keep more makeup minis, an umbrella and another bag for life (avoiding the 5p bag charge!).


What’s your work bag? Has this post made you realise you are missing something or do you have a suggestion for anything else I could include? Please comment below.



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