Blogmas Day 6: Winter Essentials

We’re approaching the depth of winter and so here are my essential items to survive enjoy the cold.

Warm scarf

Winter fashion is my absolute fave and this is possibly all down to the humble scarf. From skinny ones to those almost like blankets, you will never find me without a scarf at this time of year. I keep a small suitcase full of them which comes out each year. My favourite is red tartan which I like to pair with my leather jacket.

Protecting lip balm

As someone who gets chapped lips very, very easily I need to take a good lip balm  with me absolutely everywhere I go. I also keep them scattered around the flat. I am slightly addicted and my favourites are the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and the more budget friendly Carmex Original (but do give the lime flavour a try). The thing I like about Carmex is that is almost stings. It’s pleasant though and really feels like it gives protection.

Hot cup of tea

Green tea. Chamomile tea. Peppermint tea. Any kind of herbal tea for me please. Teabag left in the mug and make sure it’s a large one. Thanks.

Cosy jumper

Pair this with a scarf (see item one) and I am ready to take on the winter world. My favourite this year is my mustard one, £7 from Primark.

Chunky boots

You need sensible and comfy shoes, especially for snow days (if we are ever fortunate enough). Mine are from ASOS and were about £30 but are sadly no longer stocked.

Relaxing bubble bath

So after a long day tramping around in your boots and scarf why not run a long bath, add some dead sea salts to relax those tired muscles, and then a dash of bubble bath. I like the pepper and ginseng flavour from Radox.



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