Blogmas Day 2: My least favourite thing about Christmas


Ok, I’m not being negative here – but there is one thing I hate about Xmas: the commercial propaganda surrounding the whole thing.

Just look at the TV right now: most ads would have you believe that unless you cook the biggest turkey, buy the most expensive gifts, and have the most amount of people over on Xmas day, then you have failed Christmas.

This is not the festive spirit nor the true meaning of Christmas.

Now, I’m not going to lie, we all like presents and stuffing ourselves with Xmas dinner, but it seems the shops really take advantage of this. There is just too much pressure to have the perfect day.

I saw an article in a supermarket magazine once about a Christmas prep timetable. It was absolutely ridiculous. It included things like getting up at 6am to put the turkey in and spending the night before peeling carrots. It was aimed at housewives and I think it was a little insulting to suggest they should be slaving away in the kitchen whilst everyone else had a rollicking good time. It’s OTT things like this that annoy me at Christmas.

Not everyone can be as fortunate as us at this time of year. I like to make a donation to Crisis, a charity which supports the homeless, towards their Christmas campaign. For £22.29, someone in need gets a bed, food and a whole host of other comforts on Xmas day. Of course, there is work to be done all year around so they also receive tailored advice which could change their lives for the better. Donations can be sent via their website.

So whilst you’re whizzing around your local shopping centre trying to find the perfect presents for your loved ones, please spare a thought for the real meaning of Xmas (which is certainly not generating profits for commercial organisations, some of whom do not pay their fair share of taxes – but that’s for another post).

And don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have that elusive “perfect day”.



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