Styling Essentials for Short Hair

Getting my pixie cut was perhaps the best thing I have ever done.

In my teens I had a bob and then grew my hair out in my early twenties. Last year I chopped it back to a tidy bob. In May this year I took the plunge and went for the pixie cut. It was something I was thinking about for a while. I really loved the look on other women but you can never really tell how any new haircut will turn out until you take the leap of faith. And oh my, did it deliver!

Lots of people think that a pixie cut is somehow easier to manage and I suppose that is true to a certain extent in terms of straightening and up-dos (as in you just can’t do that anymore). However it does need styling and I find myself using more product now than I ever did with my long hair.

DSCN3311.jpegI always used to blow dry my hair without fail (with some kind of heat protectant of course) but now I have the luxury of letting it all dry naturally. I detangle with a wide toothed comb after washing and then just leave it until morning.

To begin my everyday style I first spray some dry shampoo all over and let it settle for at least five minutes. After this time I run my fingers through it, almost as if I shampooing again. I think the best brand on the market is Batiste as they come in a range of scents and colours. I tend to use the original myself though.

Then I take a small handful of styling powder and sweep my longer section to one side whilst parting the other behind my ear. I have only ever used the Got2B POWDERful styling powder because the same small pot has lasted me 6 months!

Somedays this is all I need to do before finishing off with hairspray but other times I add dry volumizing and/or texturing spray if my barnet is not cooperating! For volume I use the Percy & Reed Dry Instant Volumising Spray which I received in a Birchbox a few months ago (and I would purchase once this runs out) and the Batiste Texturising Spray.

I think most of these brands are interchangeable but my absolute favourite hairspray of all time is the Tresemme Perfectly Undone as it holds your style without making it crispy.  I would not use another hairspray to hold my style in place. I love it!

What do you use to style your hair, be in long, short or in the middle? Would you ever take the chop and go for a pixie cut? Let me know in the comments.



Merry Christmas! My Xmas Traditions, from childhood until now…

Twas the night before Xmas…


2015 marks my very first Christmas away from home. I got married this year and, as we spent the holidays with my parents last year, it is now time to spend the big day with my in-laws. We get along well and I am very much looking forward to seeing the festive traditions unfold in my husband’s childhood home, however it with a certain sense of trepidation. What if it doesn’t feel like Christmas? What if their traditions are the opposite of mine?!

During childhood my grandmother would come and stay with us. We’d pick her up just as the light was fading on Xmas Eve and I adored watching the lit up houses from the back of the car as we travelled the short journey home. She would have my bed whilst I took the rather creaky fold-out one but I really did not mind as it meant it was Xmas and what child can sleep on that night anyway? It was a super-exciting sleepover and the promise of presents and feasts the following day kept me up.


As a teen it was more about food and getting away from the pressures of school than full-on excitement, and as I got older it was all about having a drink and a laugh! My grandmother got too old and frail to spend it with us. Last year she did days before Christmas.

Five years ago I met my now-husband and Xmas became a sort of bittersweet occasion as we spent it apart. We got engaged last year and spent the big day together for the first time at my parents’. It was strange having another person there but also great. Things were almost normal.

But this year it’s all change. I hope to find new traditions and ultimately  incorporate both of our family routines to create our own. Things that our children will grow up with and look back on just as fondly as I do with my childhood memories of Christmas.

Merry Christmas one and all. Please share your traditions in the comments below, and may your day be happy however you are spending it.



What’s in my (Work) Bag: Winter 2015


I have a cute little Fiorelli bag from TK Maxx (I think it was about £35) as my everyday work carry around. I love that it has three compartments! I use the front as my essentials which I may need to grab quickly; the middle section as a built-in cosmetics bag of sorts; and the back section to store my fold-out mirror, electronics and tablet. V handy!


So let’s start with my essentials! I have an umbrella, roll-on deodorant (I particularly like the packaging on the Sanex ones as it doesn’t make your bag all sticky), my purse containing loyalty cards and change (I keep my bank cards and ID in a separate wallet in my pocket, along with my keys and phone), my glasses, a body spray, some hand sanitiser, and a bag for life! Protect the environment folks.


Next up I have a fold-up mirror from the Body Shop, a smaller mirror from Happy Jackson, and a pouch which contains my headphones, portable charger and sanitary products for life’s little emergencies! I also stash my tablet (Nexus 9 – not pictured) here on working days where I have nothing planned for lunch. Perfect for a bit of lunchtime reading or a cheeky YouTube catch up!


Perhaps the most interesting section is my make-up! I won’t go through every item but it includes everything a woman could need on the go. Lots of products are minis I received in subscription boxes which are perfect to carry around in your handbag.


So that’s everything in my workday bag. I do have a smaller number from Primark as my going out pouch (by that I mean the pub – I’m too old for clubbing) in which I keep more makeup minis, an umbrella and another bag for life (avoiding the 5p bag charge!).


What’s your work bag? Has this post made you realise you are missing something or do you have a suggestion for anything else I could include? Please comment below.


Why I’m having to suspend Blogmas…

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

I afraid haven’t been able to complete much of blogmas this week and so I’ve decided I will have to sadly pull out of it. It is currently the busiest period at work and we are having to work lots overtime, so I have had to make sacrifices with blogging.

I’m sure all you working ladies (and gents) will understand how hard it is to juggle working full time and keeping up a hobby such as blogging in your limited spare hours!

But it’s not all bad, I will still keep up my regular content on Sundays and Wednesdays and hope to do the odd bonus post where I can. I’d much rather commit to producing regular, high quality content than something which is lacking because I don’t have the time (and I feel some posts have been like that recently).

It’s a learning curve and lessons have been learnt.

Watch this space!


A quick update (Blogmas Day 10?)


Apologies for the lack of posts over the past few days. I have been extremely busy with work commitments followed by the Christmas party. And as I have said before, I am not a professional blogger. Sometimes life takes over. This is a much loved hobby of mine and I cannot wait to crack on tomorrow.

Meanwhile here are some snaps of the party taken on my mobile:




It was an excellent night with a three course sit down meal.

See you tomorrow.


Blogmas Day 6: Winter Essentials

We’re approaching the depth of winter and so here are my essential items to survive enjoy the cold.

Warm scarf

Winter fashion is my absolute fave and this is possibly all down to the humble scarf. From skinny ones to those almost like blankets, you will never find me without a scarf at this time of year. I keep a small suitcase full of them which comes out each year. My favourite is red tartan which I like to pair with my leather jacket.

Protecting lip balm

As someone who gets chapped lips very, very easily I need to take a good lip balm  with me absolutely everywhere I go. I also keep them scattered around the flat. I am slightly addicted and my favourites are the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and the more budget friendly Carmex Original (but do give the lime flavour a try). The thing I like about Carmex is that is almost stings. It’s pleasant though and really feels like it gives protection.

Hot cup of tea

Green tea. Chamomile tea. Peppermint tea. Any kind of herbal tea for me please. Teabag left in the mug and make sure it’s a large one. Thanks.

Cosy jumper

Pair this with a scarf (see item one) and I am ready to take on the winter world. My favourite this year is my mustard one, £7 from Primark.

Chunky boots

You need sensible and comfy shoes, especially for snow days (if we are ever fortunate enough). Mine are from ASOS and were about £30 but are sadly no longer stocked.

Relaxing bubble bath

So after a long day tramping around in your boots and scarf why not run a long bath, add some dead sea salts to relax those tired muscles, and then a dash of bubble bath. I like the pepper and ginseng flavour from Radox.


Blogmas Day 5: Top 3 Christmas Films

What are you up to this Saturday night? If you’re not out painting the town red, how about cosying up to a Xmas film (or three)? I’ve also heard they are a great way to nurse a hangover if you are partying tonight.

So here are my top 3 Christmas films:

3) Elf (2003) – Buddy was raised as an elf but when he grows up he searches for his real father in NYC. Be ready to laugh at Will Ferrell’s antics as he tries to get to grips with human culture.

2) The Grinch (2000) –  (Jim Carrey) hates this time of year and determined to ruin Christmas for the cheery citizens of Whoville. Look out for a young Jenny from Gossip Girl!

1) The Polar Express (2004) – A young boy finds himself doubting the existence of Santa until he takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole. Tom Hanks plays multiple characters is this ultimate Xmas Eve film, believe me!

Time to light the fire, grab those mince pies and pour a glass of sherry.


Blogmas Day 4: My festive nails (office friendly!)


Today is only going to be a quick post (apologies – working full time and blogging doesn’t always go hand in (manicured) hand!)

Last night I fancied a splash of colour on my nails and so grabbed my Riding Hood polish from Tanya Burr. I applied this in two coats and then went for the H&M Time to Shine (not currently in stock online)This is a glittery shade which looked silver from the packet but actually appears more golden when applied. Still, very festive.

And to finally top things off and protect my new sparkling nails I applied a single coat of the Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat.

Just watch what you touch as this combination takes a while to dry. But it is so worth it!

Send me your festive nails!

(20 sleeps to go)


Blogmas Day 3: My favourite thing about Christmas

Yesterday I described my least favourite thing about Xmas so it’s time to be a bit more positive and talk about my favourite thing regarding this time of year!

At Christmas time I love being surrounded by loved ones and having a good old catch up over Xmas Dinner (yes, I did capitalise dinner as it is a thing ok?)

It’s all about flowing wine, lively conversation and turkey with all the trimmings! Now this might sound strange but pigs in blankets are possibly the best thing in the world and I actually buy in bulk to store in my freezer before the shops stop selling them…

Am I saying my favourite thing about Christmas is pigs in blankets? Perhaps.